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Please Read What Defense Attorneys Say:

If you are looking for a hard working and effective mediator, I highly recommend Philip Blackburn. I have found him to be very focused, energetic and engaged in the mediation process. He comes to mediation prepared, works very hard throughout the session, and when impasses seem to arise, he is creative and effective in helping the process to continue to move forward toward a resolution.

In my view, the keys to Mr. Blackburn's success as a mediator are his extensive personal litigation experience, his intelligence, his preparation, his tenacity, and his exceptional ability to work with people of varying temperaments and personalities. These attributes have made him a highly successful and sought after mediator.

Philip is bright, energetic, insightful and effective in dealing with people. In my experience, his involvement as a mediator in a case is as well received by the plaintiffs' bar as the defense bar.I would wholeheartedly recommend Philip Blackburn as a mediator in any civil case.

I have utilized Philip's skills in the fields of medical malpractice, general liability, professional negligence, premises liability, nursing home litigation and products liability. While I have only worked with Philip in my role as a defense lawyer, I have certainly had the opportunity to observe how he relates to claimants. It is my very strong belief that his ability to communicate with the claimants directly is the secret to his tremendous success.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Philip Blackburn as a mediator in a commercial transportation case. The case involved a rather difficult plaintiff who had expectations of recovery way beyond what her injuries and the facts of the accident would typically merit.  Mr. Blackburn recognized this problem and spent a significant amount of time working with the plaintiff and her counsel to bring her expectations into line with what the host venue typically would allow.  Mr. Blackburn showed the highest levels of professionalism, flexibility, and he was great to work with.  I highly recommend him to you. 

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